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Love my soft water solution with C-Tech! Great company that runs smoothly. The only time I ever have to call is to pay my bill. It is so nice that you don’t have to keep on and on to get things done. Thank you, C-Tech.


Had a great experience with Chris and his team. They took care of our water needs quickly and with great quality. We had hard water, iron in our water, and a hint of sulfur smell. His team installed a system and now our water is clear and clean with no foul smells. The after-sales support is also on point. They take care of our systems and ensure we have the best possible water.

- Chris


Chris and his team are the best in the business! They’re professional, friendly, and very informed on every aspect of their business. They have high standards and will shoot you straight. Would definitely recommend!

- Kyle


As a new customer I found Chris to be professional and eager to answer all our questions and get us right sized for the appropriate water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system after testing the water…install by Carl looks great. Looking forward to soft water without sulfur and dissolved solids for a long time.

- Paul


We had great water and wanted to make it better. We had Chris from C Tech to come out and test our water on sight. He told us what we needed to do. I was like ok and wasn’t expecting that much of a change in our water. Boy was I wrong.

When I took a shower that night I immediately could tell a huge difference in our water. I am not lying about this. The water felt softer, smoother, and cleaner than any water I have ever felt on my skin. Yes I could tell that big of a difference and so could my wife.

Chris is now offering rental packages for his water solutions instead of having to pay for it all up front. This option is available so you can now afford fresh clean water all the time. I highly recommend C Tech Water Solutions if you have any kind of water problems.

- Russell & Brenda